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  • E-Survey is a safe and secured e-service that allows you to submit business survey returns to the Department of Statistics Singapore (DOS) via the Internet. It provides a safe and convenient way to submit the survey returns and check submission status.

Easy/SingPass Login
You can log in to E-Survey using SingPass if your company has registered for E-Services Authorisation System (EASY). Find out more here. You should have the following information to log in to E-Survey via EASY/SingPass.
Your SingPass ID (e.g. NRIC)
Your SingPass
Survey Ref No/PIN Login
You can also log in using the Survey Reference Number and PIN issued by DOS.
The Survey Reference Number is printed on the front page of the questionnaire or letter. For security reasons, the PIN is mailed to you separately. A new PIN is issued for each survey and survey reference period.
Important Notes:
Adobe Reader is required to complete survey forms in E-Survey.
The time out session for this application is 30 minutes.
Login Selection
    Request SingPass  
    Cannot log in with EASY?  
    Cannot log in with Survey Ref No / PIN?  
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